Thursday, August 7, 2014

On Staying Focused

I remember the day when I didn't have that many games. Actually, I am lying, I don't remember not having an extensive library. I just don't know how I came about owning as many games as I do now. I own games I never played for numerous systems. Original Xbox, PS2 and PS1 games as well as a ton of steam games that haven't been installed to this day. Games bought from countless humble bundles.

I think half the joy is getting it at such a discount I feel accomplished. It does feel good to get a game that was once sixty bucks for $4.99 or less. These days I have slowed down on the buying. Not only from an economic standpoint, but such an intense backlog that seems to get bigger every day.

Lately my focus has been on finishing up some core games that should have been finished in the past when they were popular. Like the Mass Effects and the Dead Spaces. I picked up Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered for PS3 (because it was such a screaming deal) and I am only 6-8 hours into it.

I am determined dammit! I am going to finish Mass Effect 2 then move into my Dead Space collection and even if it takes six months, I am going to get through Final Fantasy X.

I will let you know what I buy next week to add to my collection.

Play safe,


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Recent Events, Bad News and the book of Revelation.

"Summer, turns me upside down." - Rick Ocasec.

Sweet summer and it has been a long time since I posted here. So much has changed and I wouldn't know where to begin.

Let's start with finances that I can describe with one word: Grim. So this means that I haven't been caught up with all the new hysteria of MMO's that have been released. This takes into effect Guild Wars 2, which is wicked expensive. Elder Scrolls Online that I had played in the beta, absolutely loathed the game and saved myself the 60 some-odd bucks. Sadly, this also excludes me from Wildstar. A game that I was not fortunate to get a beta key and have not tried the game. Also seems that I have saved myself some money on but missed out on what sounds like one of the better new MMO's to come down the pipe.

Why all these financial woes? Well, I had trusted a friend with a small business and quit my lucrative job in Manhattan to work for his miniscule company. After six months I was let go due to "financial issues." Even though I have been collecting unemployment, it is due to run out, along with my luck, in exactly 30 days. I have been really trying to get a new job and haven't been able to secure one.

Enough of my problems. I have taken a look at my game library and found that over my years of working I secured quite an impressive library. I even own numerous copies of the same game. Don't think I have been out there buying up all the copies of SOE's recently sundowned MMO Vangaurd. I own a copy of the disk and then may have bought it on a Steam or Gog sale. Better for me though, many times the online copy is fully patched and would have to dig around the net for the patch for an older game. This was the problem faced with Neverwinter Nights 2. I just got the complete edition for peanuts and play that. Hmmm, maybe I could sell that disk on Ebay.

Been so long since I had been writing as well. Heck, I went back to school for a degree in Communications in order to be a better writer and haven't been writing in over six months. I don't think I am a very good writer anyway. I am too prone to tangents, was told my syntax sucked and my grammar isn't great. But in an interview with Cory Doctorow he told me to write when I didn't want to. So here I am, writing when I don't want to. And I will continue to come back and hopefully write when I do want to.

Knowing my track record, I am going to come back here in six months to read this over, write a new post and dissapear again.

For once in my life I would just like to find a focus, a meaning, some grand purpose in life that will make a mark on humanity. Something that someone will find enjoyment and can have a positive impact on them. Something that when I finally go to that gamer heaven in the sky I can look back and said to St. Peter at the pearly gates that I did something meaningful in my life. If I am going to sit in front of a computer monitor then I might as well make it count right?

Maybe today is the day that I start the rest of my life.

As always, play safe,