Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gamer Confusion?

Ever get to the point when you really don't know what to play?
I feel that way and I could be QQ'ing over a bigger problem but this is getting annoying. My point is that the video game market, especially the MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) market is getting saturated with the new ripoff games. I was playing Runes of Magic for 6 months, that was a World of Warcraft rip. Now I signed up for 4 betas today and they all seem as same shtuff different day type of games. Although, I'm looking forward to trying out both Jumpgate Evolution and Black Prophecy. Both seem to be alike in the ways of the sci-fi space opera flight simulation drama. That was a market previously conquered by EVE Online.

Why I never played EVE? Call me a poosy but I feel that open world PVP is not for me. I need to be able to enjoy the game without being griefed for a half hour just to get from point A to point B. I grew up on a PVP server on wow and it got infuriating at times. I call it "grew up" because after years of playing the care bear wonderland Final Fantasy XI I came to adjust to "people are mean and they want to kill you - just because."

So BP (black prophecy) looks really nice in this video @ Rock,Paper Shotgun. Check it! I also stumpled upon an older space shooter Vendetta Online, Another EVE-esque game. Now my question is, what do I play? I am also muldering over the email sent to me from Turbine claiming I can download Lord of the Rings Online for 9.95 and only pay 9.95 a month for a subscription. Whats a man to do? So many games, so little time and with the economy coming back slowly but surely, my funds are limited also.

But that didn't stop me from buying this oldy but goody FATE for 20 bucks at Micro Center. $20 seems to be my breakpoint when it comes to investing in a game. If it's over that I seem to hesitate, call me frugal, call me cheap but I'm on a gamer budget. And if I won the Megamillions tomorrow I would go back to micro center and buy the biggest, meanest rig I could possibly build and download every single game I want and more. Muhahahhaaaa, isn't addiction fun!

So, for now I am going to play a little Fate, then tomorrow go check my email for beta invites. Cruise through, my latest haunt and look for new betas to sign up for. My suggestion... play Sins of a Solar Empire to try and phsyche myself up for space-opera goodness. If it seems to click then I might try Jumpgate classic or Vendetta online, if it doesn't I'll just join the masses and "Wait for Aion"

Todays Wishlist
  1. Wizardy 8 PC
  2. Chronotrigger DS
  3. The Dark Spire DS
  4. Final Fantasy IV DS
  5. Neo Steam Beta